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Our History

The 2015 general elections in Nigeria in more ways than one exposed the underbelly of Nigeria. The campaign was replete with violence, hate speech, ethnic and religious animosity among other ills. Allegiance and support was won or given on the basis of ethnic or religious affinity. In almost all instances, such support was not without financial inducement. In the villages, the women gathered to share bags of salt, rice and beans “donated” to them by aspirants from various political parties. Often these gatherings became tumultuous leaving participants with torn clothes, broken limbs and battered faces. The scenes were ugly and dehumanizing and the menfolk were not left out of this debasement. Dr. Chinwe Ezejiofor witnessed some of these scenes and was particularly troubled by the plight of these villagers who were willing to sell their votes for the proverbial pot of porridge. Dr. Ezejiofor felt a deep need for a change of attitude among Nigerians. She is of the opinion that it is lack of civic education that makes men and women fall for the debasement she witnessed. Corruption by leaders breeds poverty among the led. Following further discussions with like minded persons, it was decided by the select group to form and lead a nonprofit organization dedicated to fight these evils and protect the weak and vulnerable.

In a NutShell...

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to building an enlightened and progressive society through education, advocacy and the promotion of transparency and accountability in government. GWC informs, engages and mobilizes the people to take actions and form opinions for a better Nigeria.

Aims and Objectives

  1. We believe that in a democratic government, power belongs to the people. The choice of who leads the government is made by the people with their votes. Without adequate education and information, the people cannot make informed choices. It is therefore our aim to inform, educate and empower as many people as possible who will in turn form a vanguard of change in all areas of national life.
  2. We believe that women play a most important role in the development of a nation. We therefore advocate for policies aimed at eradicating gender inequality and poverty by giving women opportunity to contribute to national economic and political growth.
  3. We recognize that a corrupt and compromised political leadership inexorably lead to a bad economy—and the weak and vulnerable are impacted more when this happens. As a result, we prioritize and advocate for policies and strategies that promote transparency, inclusiveness and global best practices in government business.
  4. We believe that a free and fair election is fundamental in fostering a democratic society. We are committed therefor to advocating for legislations and policies aimed at ensuring regular free, fair and transparent elections for all tiers of government in Nigeria.
  5. To campaign for, promote and support legislations and other activities geared towards improvement on electoral, anti-corruption, economic and gender equality laws in Nigeria.
  6. To partner with other organizations dedicated to the ideals of a united, informed, democratic and progressive Nigeria.
  7. To collaborate with other organizations with similar aims and objectives anywhere in the world.

Our Specific Activities

Green Women for Change, with its expertise, has developed a set of activities geared towards sensitising the government and people of Nigeria on transparency and accountability in government. By way of public enlightenment campaigns, symposiums, seminars, workshops etc,
We also educates and train people on entrepreneurship and gender equality and other specific issues within the scope of our our aims and objectives.
Also on our itinerary are periodic visits to orphans, widows and other less privileged among the people.

Our Resources

Our Team

Dr Chinwe Ezejiofor

Dr. Chinwe Ezejiofor, A Fellow of the College of Veterinary Surgeon Nigeria, is currently a Consultant/Assistant Director in charge of Laboratory Management Department of Nigerian Agricultural Quarantine Service...

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Nkem Obijiofor

Mr Nkem Obijiofor is a versatile writer and community activist with a passion for democratic activism...

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